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Author Topic: Server Rules  (Read 454 times)

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Server Rules
« on: December 02, 2020, 10:35:17 AM »
Please read carefully before joining our server!

1. Cheating
Using more boxes than 2 per IP  is not allowed.
Auto-bot or any other 3rd party programs are not allowed.
Client modifications are not allowed.
Abusing bugs is not allowed.
Not reporting bugs you find or know about is punishable.

2.Impersonate Staff
Using in-game names similar to GM/Admins is not allowed.
Pretending to be part of our staff is not allowed.

Promoting or advertise any other Lineage2 server is not allowed.

Flaming and Spamming is not allowed.
No matter if is about server or players.
Spamming also refers to stacking dropped items on certain locations.
Indecent or offensive names are forbidden.

5.Account Related
You are responsible for sharing your account.
Selling/trading in game items for any type of real world currencies or other server items is up to you, but GMs are not required to assist you in recovering stolen goods in case you got scammed.

6.Game Related
It is forbidden to start an in-game shop right next to an important or often-accessed NPC, or to block pathways leading to them

It is forbidden to enter an event zone unless the event organizer invites you or the entrance is free.
Any unwanted intervention during an event is not allowed.

8.Stolen or Lost Items
GM/Admins do not restore lost or dropped items.
Even tho we don't like it, scamming is part of the game, and is up to you if you pay attention to the game or your computer security.

Have fun!
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